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Today Turning POINT is continuing to support Shorty's dream and legacy.… Adaptive activities are scheduled (see calendar below) and new ones are being added:


Turning POINT is keeping some traditions such as the 33rd Caddo Fishing Challenge but changing others such as our well known and beloved Extravaganza of 27 years becoming the Big 3 TRI-IT-Allathon. Our first TRI-IT-ALLathon is Sunday, June 24 at Cedar Hill State Park. Our activities include boating, fishing, casting, fly fishing, TPWD catfish tank, on & off road handcycling, disc golf and lunch. The second TRI-IT-ALLathon is Sunday, July 29 at Cedar Hill State Park. That day our activities are: kayaking, waterskiing, jet skiing, tubing, sailing, on & off road handcycling, adaptive carts and lunch. The third TRI-IT-ALLathon is at Elm Fork Shooting Range on October 13. Activities there are: achery, air rifles, trap shoot, handgun shooting, Trackchair archery course and lunch.


Our Monthly activities are boating / fishing on Lake Ray Hubbard from a pontoon boat at Captain's Cove, Garland. This is available the 1st and 3rd weekend . To RSVP, contact kmumford@turningPOINTnation.org. Archery is another monthly event held at the Texas Archery Academy. Archery meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6pm until 8pm. Please let us know you are attending by contancting jswanson@turningPOINTnation.org. Handcycling is usually on the second Saturday. We meet at Sam Houston Trail, 101 E Hwy 635, Irving. Please check the calendar below because occassionally the schedule will change due to a conflict. RSVP by emailing tthrift@turningPOINTnation.org.


Bowling is happening on Fridays, 1pm until 4pm. Again we are bowling at the Plano Super Bowl, 2521 K Ave, Plano 75074. Just show up and enjoy yourself. Also there is an Up/Down Bowling League (wheelchair/able bodied) on Sundays at the City View Lanes, 6601 Oakmont Blvd, Fort Worth, starting at 2pm - 4pm.


Turning POINT is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with 39 years experience providing FREE adapted outdoor recreational activities and adventures for those with physical challenges. Each month there are activities scheduled to help those with mobility impairments stay active! 



   Michael "Shorty" Powers' wheelchair is empty today.  His love for life, passion for the outdoors, zeal for adventure, coupled with his refusal to accept "limitations" and his readiness to tackle a challenge made Shorty a truly extraordinary & unforgettable man.  Throughout his life, Shorty never met a stranger, with many becoming life-long friends. There's a void in all the hearts and lives Shorty touched throughout his action-packed life.  You might have met him at a restaurant, POINT activity, rehab or the Wal-Mart parking lot.  For many, their life was forever changed by their encounter with Shorty.

   On March 16, 1969, Shorty survived a tragic car accident that killed his best friend; his aorta bled out which resulted in paraplegia.  Always a nature lover and avid outdoorsman, Shorty didn't let his wheelchair keep him indoors!  He trail-blazed a path to start the first organized adaptive outdoor recreational adventures for folks with disabilities.  His impact on people who were "newly injured" was remarkable and life-altering!  With new-found confidence discovered in conquering outdoor challenges, Shorty founded a non-profit organization, Turning POINT, in 1979.  Shorty's vision of empowering lives using the healing force of nature combined with adapted recreational activities for the mobility impaired community.  Turning POINT was just awarded a TPWD Co-Op grant which will introduce members to new adaptive equipment hands-on at outdoor programs throughout the upcoming year - Shorty's legacy lives on…

   Some of Shorty's accomplishments include:

Lone Star Legends, TPWD Chairman's Award for Public Service: 1999

Barbara Jordan Award (for Turning POINT Video): 2000

The Hall of Fame at the TPWD Freshwater Fisheries Center: 2004

A Night of Light Awards of Excellence: 2006

He climbed a mountain, played tennis and basketball, scuba dived, sailed boats, hunted, kayaked, caught myriad fish, and loved people and life!

Shorty's best friend, the late Randy Snow, once said "If anyone is meant to be in a wheelchair, it's Shorty.... to show us the way"!


Maybe you or someone you know would like to get involved with us - we welcome members, volunteers, sponsors and donors.

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"Our mission is to develop self-esteem and confidence in the physically challenged population through participation in adapted outdoor activities"